4 cylinder Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold

(lehmann style)

The Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold offers ultimate tunnel ram performance for turbocharged engines. The sensuous plenum is constructed from high strength carbon fiber with two components high temp epoxy for improved strength to weight ratio and reduced heat soak to the fresh air charge. Bonded with high temp aerospace structural adhesive to precisely machined billet, the intake forms a perfect tunnel ram for high power. Raised bellmouths allow optimum flow development at the runner entrance. Increased plenum volume helps horsepower and Air / Fuel distribution across all cylinders. Very light, very strong, not corrode, no weld semas, optimized air flow, not thermal conductivity, despite pulsation / vibration „endees endurance”, air flow optimized inside surface

We produce the part by every customers unique need. More kinds of CNC milled injector base, throttle valve connection, vacuum connections, fuel rail position, sensor connections and unique inlet manifold positon because of the joint to the intercooler. Our purpose is that the customer could fit the carbon fibre intake manifold without serious modifications, call it plug-and-play. For that we need to contact in email, where we give exact size measurements and we give pictures meanwhile 3D planning the part, what you or your car mechanic can check if everything will fit under the bonnet.


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