X-Winder carbon fiber convex profiles

The X-winder is a range of carbon fibre tubes manufactured by winding process. The tubes usually are made with a two components epoxy resin, using these resin higher tensile strength is achieved and high temp resin (up to 200 celsius) but we have Vinyl Ester resing to high chemical resistance. In carbon fiber tubes the crosswise fibres are used at the surface as well as in the structure to achieve a high crosswise strength. These tubes are ideal in applications with very high demands for stiffness, strength, light weight and high-tech appearance. In these composite tubes various carbon fibre reinforcements are used to reach the stiffness requirements. Unlike a metal which has the same properties in all directions (isotropic), the properties of filament wound materials are dependent on the orientation of the fibers in each layer, thus strength depends on the manner and direction in which the a load is applied.

Our product parameters: Max length: 2600mm Max Diameter: 240mm
Outside surface: extra hard (color) gel coat, Resin coat, Polyurethane clear cote
Outside design: carbon fiber fabric (2/2 twil, 4/4 twill, hybrid Carbon / kevlar...) or
without design, normal (raw) x profile winded carbon fiber surface.